Our bulk pre-mix is the most economical, but also the most efficient way to buy your edible oil.  When you purchase in bulk, you pay less then half the cost of any 1 ounce bottle of tincture, and you have the bulk amount to find your dosage.  You can share or have enough product to last you 8-12 months!  We  can White label the pre-mix and send it to our manufacturing facility or send it to you in pallets.  2 week lead time needed for formulation and mixing.  Each bulk pre-mix comes with its own potency Certificate of Analysis. Our special Terpenes can help with: Sleeplessness Anxiety Pain/Inflammation Just like our 1 oz bottles that have added terpenes, this will pinpoint problems and help you attain homeostasis.  Let your body heal itself...….These choices help make our product different from everyone else, because you create a custom blend tied specifically to an issue.  Terpenes add an additional $1.00 per oz charge and extra formulation/mixing time applies.  Call or email with specific terpene profile needed.  The synergy you create and the benefit of using all Colorado Grown Hemp is "Quality in every drop"! To Your Health...….Treasure It! Call or email with any inquiry!